In The Event Of An Aftermath

In the event of an aftermath.png

I.  obituary

if i become one of 100 on another american tuesday

one of 40,000 in another american year

another statistic, another data point, another number

another barely-headline in an american newspaper

write a revolution instead of an obituary

a rallying cry instead of a recollection of my hobbies

do not describe my life, but instead give weight to my death

in the hopes that it will be the last of its kind

please, offer no platitudes, no thoughts, no prayers

do not be silent when all i have ever wanted were words.

II. epitaph

if a bullet does to my body what lightning does to the sky

i want to be remembered with anger

i want no tears shed on my behalf

i want a revolution to spring from my grave instead of daisies

write a manifesto instead of an epitaph

inscribe no sentimental phrase, but rather a promulgation of peace

engrave not a fond reminder of my life,

but a call to action to prevent another death

if blood does to my clothes what poppies do to fieldstone

i want no funeral procession

no delicate graveyard burial

i want my body left on the steps of a white building with a dome

leave me to speak truth to power

place me there in the ironic shadow of armed freedom

let me stay as a silent protest

make my body a monument to a generation of fear

if i am one of 100 on another american Tuesday,

make me the last of these deaths.

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