What MLK Would Think Today

Image: AJC

Image: AJC

For this poem, the prompt was asking what Martin Luther King Jr. would think if he saw America today. This is from his perspective.

Years. It’s been years.

All the successions are music to my ears.

Black lives matter.

Education on civil rights.

A day dedicated to me.

No colored and white rooms.

Kneeling for remembrance.

But what about all the messes?

All the stress.

Sure all lives matter, but are the white lives in danger?

I thought you cared for all lives so why are you going against the black ones?

Black people being killed by the police every other day.

Brutality, ripped from the seems, hurt for nothing other than the tint of our body.

EVERYBODY. Everybody includes black lives.

Is that not understandable?

White supremacy is no “peaceful protest”.

Remember my speech, the day at the Lincoln, the day of a peaceful protest.

Speak words and do not fight.

The future can still be bright.

People should not be brought away because of their history.

Origins should be celebrated not hated.

Deported, for what?

To make America segregated again?

“I’m not racist.”

Yet you still continue to use the n word.

Used to put us down.

“I’m not racist, I know black folks.”

Yet you still try to steal our culture and make it your own.

When will this distrimation end?

It this what God would do?

When will all the skin colors mend?

This surely ain’t something God would approve.

Let us see the light.

Stop the fight.

Thank you to all the Whites who stand for Black rights.

Blacks keep it up and never give up.

Yes this is a goodbye but just remember, Black Lives Matter.

Katie Montgomery Comment