When We Come

Image: Emmanuel Dunand

Image: Emmanuel Dunand

When we come, 

We will come like a peal of thunder.

Every adult we pass will tremble with enlightenment,

And we will have completed merely the first installment  

Of our plan.

When you, 

And they,

Listen to what we have to say 


And they,

Will listen like an empty chalice

Listens to flooding rain.

We are not leaders of the future.

We are obligated to the present, we guide the here and now.

Radical cooperation, pillar one 


Constructive effort, pillar two

Support the clouded glass pane that is Tomorrow.

We haven’t any time to be 

Too young,



We are the change in youth’s clothing;

Ever-learning, ever-educating

Just you watch 

As we come.

Emily KositskyComment