Sincerely, To My Unknown Muse



To my unknown muse 

I gasp to your cheap detergent,

holding you, not wanting to let go.

Sky rocket eyelashes blim under

your honey eyes delicalty dripping 

 agreeing to say 

See you later” 

instead of 


because our hardest 

“Goodbyes” are the ones

that choose us.

but I fight,

wrapping myself in your arms, 

around your dripping honey eyes

because I’m too scared to let go

Too scared to let go to the idea of you,

to our hours in the mall

to the minutes of what seem our forever laughs 

to the years of our childhood 

and months of of our teen ones.

but i loosley swim in our memories

and sink 5 feet further.


I can’t cry in front of you

because my eyes

are too tired to tell you so.

You observe me in a sunny afternoon,

as I tell you “we’ll be fine”

But truth me told “we” are left

under the murmures of a memory 

 So, I let go

Maria ArangoComment