Red, White and Blue

Image: Bridget Hall

Image: Bridget Hall

Editor’s Note: The following poem was written by 15-year-old Camille Lowery from California, United States.

Red is the color of my beating heart
The color of the blood running in the streets
The color stained on their pale hands
Red as the sky before it goes dark
Or the bandana on his arm
Red is the words coming from my mouth
The building of this anger in my head
Red as the color he sees because she’s brown
Red for the south
The color before the gun fires

Blue skies that I fall asleep to
Blue for the uniforms
The color of the stained shirts
The last color before they reached America
Blue for thoughts and prayers that never worked anyway
The lullaby he sang
Blue for the shoes he walked in
The car that drove off
Blue as the bullet shoots off
Blue are the words written across his waist

White are the clouds I find shapes in
The color of their skin
White is the only one protected
The silence after life’s ended
The innocence of 15 year old boys
White for gloves he wore to hold the casket
White is the blinding light before it’s safe
The flag he waved when it was too late
The blood drowning in the lake