What I Hope My Mother Knows

Image:  Flickr

Image: Flickr

Editor’s Note: The following featured poem is written by 16-year-old Meghna Sudhakar from California, United States.

When the ocean fell
The land embraced it
Like one of her own.

She called in the winds to
Roll the waves out and
Bring life to what she could not.

She brought forth the sand
To cut and shape the tides
And make the ocean tougher
To fight off those who swam in, uninvited.

She gave soft kisses whenever
The ocean foamed back for a
Quick greeting and friendly squeals to onlookers.

She lay beneath the water
The bedrock of all she gave life to,
Filled with gratitude and unselfish love
Unknowing of all the fish the ocean had made whisper,
I love you.