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Image: The Aestate

Image: The Aestate

If you’re ever brought to my home

you’ll see the doorstep leads you to two grand symbols on the chamomile wall

wooden Chamsah greets you with 

Hello, I am guiding hand of HaShem

glass Ayin Hara greets you with stony stare, and with

Hello, I am evil eye

if you’re ever brought to the mall

you’ll see the linoleum floor leads you to 

stacks of folded shirts, embroidered with beautiful Chamsahs 

but their meanings have been 


away for the sake 

of an aesthetic.

One morning, cold morning, 

I wear my Chamsah pendant to school

and receive a compliment 

I say (only with minor fear)


                                                       It’s a Jewish symbol

They say,


                         I thought it was just one of those hipster things.

Another day, cold day,

I wear my Chamsah pendant to school 

I receive a question as to what it is

I say, (with a dangerously uncharacteristic trust)

                                                       It’s a Jewish symbol 

They say,



Each cheaply manufactured big-brand shirt with a symbol of faith 

stings me a little.

I am of a people that can rarely adorn themselves with their own signs of faith

and are subjected to the risk of attack or mockery when they do

Gentiles have the privilege of being able to choose parts of our culture 

when convenient, 

when it has never been 

and will never be

convenient for those who cultivated the culture in the first place.

because when they wear it, it’s just a trend, right?

                                             It’s just one of those hipster things.


Suddenly it’s just new fashion 


it’s just one of those hipster things.

Unless, of course, Jews wear such things


it’s just another one of those visible targets on our bodies.

Emily KositskyComment