A Real Girl

Image:  Neven Krcmarek

Image: Neven Krcmarek

Dreams, the fantasies that evoke at night into a crowded head

Dreams are usually meant to stay just that,

Impossible, unimaginable yet imagined, fleeting, unreal

But she yearns

Taunting her with each step she takes,

She is reminded of the fake persona she puts on daily

Reminded with each thread of fabric clinging to her body,

Reminded of how the dream she holds so close could jeopardize her safety

Safely, she returns each night

Undresses out of the prison which traps her each night

Vulnerable in her own home, alone yet she feels the eyes of thousands boring into her

Fear fills her home like an unwelcome avalanche

But they do not understand

Her comfort is hidden in the heels she hides under her bed,

The dress she holds close to her each night

The smile that remains locked behind cold doors only awakens during these hours

Midnight blooms, and she welcomes the darkness that envelopes her

No one understands, no one will understand

Is what she has been told all her life

"A deviant" is her classification

"A pervert, a threat" is what others just like her are called

"Attention seekers" is the global label of those the same as her

So she continues to live her lie,

Knowing that the truth will kill her more than the slow torture of living society's fantasy of her

But she will forever find happiness in the darkness

And maybe that is all that matters

Now, tomorrow, the next month

For the few hours of joy she wields is the reminder that she is a real girl.

Sana FathimaComment