More Than A Label

Image: Peter Sjo

Image: Peter Sjo

at eight years old / a determined young spirit /

with 10+ horse shirts / in her drawer. //

who wanted to be / a racer / 

at ten years old / an inquisitive fifth grader /

with sheet music / that filled her backpack. // 

who wanted to be / a musician /

at thirteen years old / a fearless new leader /

with boxes of cleats / in her closet. //

who wanted to be / an athlete / 

at fifteen years old / rank one in the class /

with the work ethic / to prove she earned it. // 

who wanted to be / a scholar / 

at eighteen years old / a creative undercover / 

with sketches / and designs and lyrics. // 

who wanted to be / an artist / 

now twenty years old / secure with herself / 

with her lifetime to prove / she fits more than one label. //

who knows she can be anyone.

Maya SiegelComment