Questions For Growth

Image:  Sergee Bee

Image: Sergee Bee

Editor’s Note: This poetry was written by past Defiant writer, Maya Siegel.

Have you ever been in the back of a race?

Have you entered a space where you feel out of place?


Do you put your ego to the test? 

Do you show up even when you’re not the best? 

Do you openly resist oppressive traditions?

Do you speak up and demand that your family all listens?


Have you called out a friend?

Have you allowed the relationship to end?

Have you given yourself time to grow?

Have you been your own hero? 


Do you challenge your beliefs? 

Do you clean up the reefs? 

Do you allow yourself tears?

Do you educate your peers? 


Are you vulnerable so that the whole world can see?

Are you willing to take chances to find what could be?