Image:    Ayman Ahmed

Image: Ayman Ahmed


You say 

With a raspy voice 

Trying to get inside my head 


A word that sends chills down my spine

And a word that makes me feel calm

At the exact same time 

Every war started 

Every child soaked in pain

Every man screaming in agony 

It all started with faith 

Every tear of joy 

Every little kid’s smile

Every blooming flower 

Bloomed because of faith 

The same people that pray for wounds to heal

And proudly wave their faith 

Break down someone else’s belief 

With the simple tool of hate 

Who are we to claim what’s right

When our ideals aren’t black or white 

And why are we out here picking sides 

When our grandparents too went through an age of plight 


Once again the word echoes.

The way it lingers in the back of my head

Sends shivers down my neck 


People breaking each other down

As a way of redemption 

For the love of God 

In the end compassion is forsaken 

For compassion’s sake 

And we cannot tell apart 

Between love and hate 

And In the end the power of love 

As well as the power of hate 

Are both masked behind 

Something that we call faith