Apologies to Medusa and Hera

Image: Chloe Moore

Image: Chloe Moore

1. I know you never meant to desecrate any temple,

it wasn't your fault (it's never the victim's fault)

raging sea took you because he wanted to

they say snakes are evil, seducing Eve

of course, it was her fault for being seduced

snakes are evil, tricky

women are like snakes

I know now snakes became protection,

protection made you evil, how dare you shield yourself

prude, man-hater

I'm sorry I saw your right to safety as an infringement on his peace of mind

2. I know you are only the villain because

no one likes a woman who questions her husband,

better to be a husband who's never home

I know he rumbled across the universe, knew he touched everything he could get his hands on, but of course your anger was the sin

(I thought promiscuity was worse?)

I'm sorry I called you an angry bitch because you spoke your mind

3. Snake, whispering between the leaves, his expression turns stony

Regal woman, mountain throne, bearing the brunt of the thunder

I'm sorry I saw your power as something to be diminished