June Jealousy


Editor’s Note: The following featured content was written by 16-year-old Olivia Lombardo from New York, USA.

Little mirrors in your hand 
The muffled press like concrete 
Your phone pings - a shudder

Knowing you’ll open up 
To a thousand places you should be
Wished you’d traveled
Are missing out on
Due to your own inadequacy 

Eyes moving as the screen changes
To a restaurant with food served
On silver platters with the laughter of little girls
Perfect lighting 
Perfect hair

Phone canvasses the surroundings 
Like a double-sided mirror
Faces with fake smiles and filters on one
And your frown on the other

You wouldn’t do the same 
You remind yourself
As you snap a picture of the food
It took you hours to make
Of the trip down memory lane
That you don't really miss
Or the concert you recorded
With videos you later dismiss

Hurting nonetheless
As we pass each lie
To the next unsuspecting customer
Swipe right
Swipe left
Sign here

Your username is your fate 
And the number of likes you’ve acquired
People who wished they were you
Those you’ve inspired

Truth sits in this fantasy 
In that little black box
Of glass, metal, and wires
That whispers “what if”
Just loud enough for you to hear

What if they don’t like you
What if they forgot your invite
What if you were closer
What if it’s just out of spite

Everyone goes to sleep
Either in pain or in anger
Because they can’t bear to see themselves
In that distorted black mirror