To You

Image: Valuekook

Image: Valuekook

Editor’s Note: The following featured content was written by 17-year-old Giovanni Hollis from Bermuda

To you,

You are you,
And that’s okay.

We are the sum of the interactions we have, the relationships we make and the people we influence
the stage is set for 2019, the sun poised to rise, the water clear and calm and the world sleeping
You are awake.
Looking at the sky – the cloudless, lightless sky,
not dark but lightless
“No”- you say- “that’s how you looked at life in 2018”
Hold your head up high

Prioritize yourself, you matter.
Believe that, own that.

Revel in your strengths, shout and cheer
Tune out those who say “no, you can’t do it”
For a reason like race, skin color or what they ‘think they know’
Because like a muted song bird,
They’ve lost their muse,
Don’t let them misplace yours.
Don’t self-scrutinize and think everyone is looking
Because the only one looking.. deep deep at your soul
is yourself

But you knew that.

Make those opportunities
Because, dear, they
Make themselves.

Find sustenance and feel nourished
In all the intricacies of life.
In friends,
In family,
Relish experiences, big and small,
For the lessons they give, unknowingly,
are priceless.
And celebrate.

Live in the moment
Love boundlessly.
Learn to sit in sun puddles.. and nap
Go on runs with friends, make art, watch sunrises, talk at 3am, get food, go for walks,
in silence…
and think.
What makes you tick, why and how, and with whom?
Know what you want
And chase it.
Sprint towards your dreams, hard, fast,
And passionately.
But with sprinting towards anything, know, that you may fall,
But the extent of your character isn’t defined by how hard or how frequently you fall but by how resiliently you rise, shake off the dust from your hands and knees and run with your head held high towards your ambitions.
Don’t be afraid to be a dreamer,
And remember starting late is better than starting never,
It’s always better to be the tortoise
than the hare.
And make it happen.

-my wish to you, to fall hopelessly in love with life