I'm Not Sorry

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Editor’s Note: The following poem was written by past Defiant staff writer Salomée Levy.

I’m not Sorry

I say sorry because I’m not good enough

Or say sorry because I feel bad.

I say sorry because of how I dress,

how my hair is short,

and how my skin isn’t clear.

I apologize

For being too emotional,

or expressing my beliefs on a blank sheet of paper.

I say sorry when I try something new

or laugh louder than I usually do.

For being different

Haven’t I learned to only say Sorry when I hurt someone?

Or playing the game while sliding my blue piece back to home?

I learned to be unapologetic

To be authentically be

Why should I be sorry?

When I’m not playing the game

And living outside my shell.

For not staying quiet

I shall tell

To be loud and proud

Not sorry.