The Stars and The Moon



Is it belief? Is it faith?

That fills you up with so much hate

Is it culture? Or tradition?

To force your ideals until submission

Same people, different religions

Same love, different orientations 

Yet there’s hate in close proximity 

Even though we share the same morality 

This perception of right and wrong 

Does that dictate your humanity? 

You hand pick who belongs 

And leave no room for diversity 

Why is it that you leave no space

For people that look just like you?

Don’t we all live in the same place 

With the same future to look forward to

What else do you want me to ask?

What else do you want me to explain?

For you to change the way you love 

For you to let them feel safe

I understand this is what you were taught 

How your mind works while your heart stays numb  

But I hope you can understand

That this world does not revolve around one  

Broken bones don’t satisfy hunger 

Just as thirst for blood sustains

But comprehension might help nurture 

The love you hold deep within 

So why is it that you leave no space 

For people with similar virtues  

Because we all look at the sky the same way

Faintly smiling at the stars and the moon