I Told

Photography/Fatimata Cham

Photography/Fatimata Cham

Editor’s Note: The following poem was written by past Defiant staff writer Fatimata Cham.

I told my mom 

That my husband was waiting for me in Jannah(Paradise)

Inshallah(if Allah s.w.t. Wills)

Being a women in this dunya 

Is like being a wilted flower 

Left untouched and unwatered 

Bodies being used as objects 

Left alone to suffer 

The west will tell you that covering up 

Isn’t okay 

I told my mom that my husband was waiting for me in jannah 

Because some girls are forced into marriages they don’t want 

Left alone in anxiety and depression 

I shout and yell 

Please don’t turn your back on Allah s.w.t. 

He will guide you 

He will bring light into the dark patches of your heart 

Young girl 

Lift your head up high 

Sit up starlight 

Look them in the eye 

And when it’s time 


Because your husband is waiting for you in jannah 


And the day you meet your lord

Make sure that you spent your life 

In this dunya 

Loving him and praying 

Because there’s is no love 

Greater than that of Allah s.w.t.