Image: Rhea Rajesh Kulkarni

Image: Rhea Rajesh Kulkarni

I had a heart

I had a soul

Till they broke me down

Till I couldn’t feel the stones

Shattered glass

Shattered bones

A place filled with hate

A place I have to call home

All I feel is out of place

All I feel is unsafe

Shut amongst emotions

Shut behind a gate

Is love a sin?

Is love forbidden?

Because I thought love is love

Even after all the repercussions

I was told love is everything

I was told love is fate

Till I loved her instead of him

Till when they decided I was a disgrace

Shattered house

Shattered hope

This place is distant

This place is cold

All I feel is tired

All I feel is rage

Shut amidst strangers

Shut in this cage

Why is love taboo?

Why is love not for us?

Because I know love is love

Even if it’s against the world