Someone Else's Responsibility

Image: John Moore

Image: John Moore

Misplaced and mismatched,

Thrown in the thrift pile like an unused t-shirt

Bodies pile in the vacant listed room

Vacant to mask the truth of its hidden contents

Vacant to hide the smell of death that remains trapped behind the walls

Youth trapped in a bottle,

Bottle transforms to cold grey walls

Life drains from their eyes like a bathtub drain stopper removed after a shower

Their fates remain mournful whispers

Treated like a scandal, sinful despite innocent actions

Buried underneath the articles ridiculing Trump's newest tweet with grammatical errors

Shunned for "bringing the mood down"

How long can we pretend that mass murders are not happening in front of our eyes?

Moments recounted in history books unveil between our eyes

Yet the world remains silent

Global atrocities treated as allegations and drama

This "theater" has never felt more real for children so young yet having lived so long

Prison state, military controlled countries

Citizens hide in the shame of their own homes, because ignorance is bliss right?

If I pretend it's not happening, then it won't!

Someone else will do something, won't they?

Why do I have to come home after a long day and worry more about others lives?

They're the ones stealing my jobs!

Maybe try coming with a visa next time.

Why should they matter to me?

Somehow, after millenniums, inhumanity is the strongest trait possessed by humanity

Sana FathimaComment