What It Was & What It Is

Image: Sarabjit Singh

Image: Sarabjit Singh

What we fail to recognize as it is 

becomes unrecognizable for what it was. 

The unjustified tremor, terrorization, and turmoil of then

 have become glorified now. 

 Attacking and bombing  places of worship, 

pillaging and destroying entire villages,

 murdering anyone who identified a certain way, 

raping women, setting fires for days on end
all in the name of hate. 

This is no single organization 

this is a government.

A government that denies the fact 

and labels it as an act of protection for the country. 

Those who killed thousands move up the

ladder obtaining more and more power as

those who suffered then continue to suffer now. 

With no accountability, there  is no condemning of actions

 and instead a continuation of the plague

that is hate against peace.

Acts of silencing those who spoke the truth

 in what is labeled as a “democracy”

 is an action that is still pursued now. 

This genocide is one of many that no media covered at the time

 and is one of our history classes do not cover now.

Because we fail to label it as is 

those who carried out those actions 35 years ago

 live in amusement of their achievements than

 and how it led to their high ranks now.

In 1984 the Indian government carried out inhumane actions

 and still, do under the same agenda.

Because we failed to recognize it for what it was 

it has become the inevitable of what is.