Children of War

Image: Rhea Rajesh Kulkarni

Image: Rhea Rajesh Kulkarni

The man who pulled the trigger

Sits and laughs with no remorse 

While the children of war sink in fear

Of what they’ll lose and what they’ve lost 

And we continue to point fingers

As our hearts are filled with deceit 

While the innocent search for bliss

In a place where kids cannot be kids

They were supposed to live like us 

Learn and laugh and grow like us

But the children of war run in circles

As they beg for refuge and cry for love

The father that stood up for their rights 

Was pressed to the ground and beaten to death

The mother that put up a fight 

Was raped and then shot in the head

The brave that stand against the dark 

Are led to their graves

And the ones that remain silent 

Are made to face the same fate 

Crying women and hungry men

Watch their world burning down in flames 

If only we helped them

Instead we look for someone to blame

Does it matter who started the fight

Who ignited the light

Who held their ego up so high

They lost any conscience of what’s right 

The only thing that matters now

Is how we’re going to make this right 

For the children of war don’t want the name of their oppressor 

They just want to live their life