Boys Will Be Boys

Image: Deva Pardue

Image: Deva Pardue

Boys will be Boys

What that means is

Women’s gazes will dart about,

as feet ready to run fervently carry them

down darkened streets.

What that means is

young Girls can not speak of their troubles in fear of being labelled as weak,

so instead

We sit quiet and abashed

to please Mankind.

What that means is

Women could never train in athletics or become authors

could never be anything more

than potential mothers

lest the fragile Man’s pride,


be bruised.

What that means


I can not make my own choices.

Instead, white Men in suits discuss our oppression,

And decide it benefits them more

than it maims Us.

We bleed


of sweetened radium-water, crystallizing under our skin

and tears burn our excoriated gashes to a raw horror

But the gaze of the public

glazes over the lacerations with cream rouge.

Boys will be Boys




if it is not taught to be compassionate and respectful,

to recognize and revere

The power

of Woman

Emily KositskyComment