Waiting At Sea

Image: Fabiana Ponzi

Image: Fabiana Ponzi

Dawn after dawn, I wait at sea,

Waiting for you to come to me

My whole life, you have appeared dead,

But the hope never leaves my head,

That you are still out there, treading close to sea,

Where I am, waiting for you to come to me

Where are you? I think,

For every time I blink,

I groan and groan and groan,

Waiting here so long, I am turning to stone

And I groan and groan

Though even the darkest nights are cracked by the dawn rays,

For me the nights feel no different than the days,

My mind is every second crying,

My soul slowly dying

Waiting for you at sea,

For eternity,

Is it more than I can handle for me?

My life has finally passed,

My days finally come to a last,

Yet I am still at sea,

Waiting for you for eternity.