Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Image: Unknown

Image: Unknown

It's beautiful isn't it?

All 7 colours.

One colour representing something more.

Maybe if you open your heart and mind, you might see the beauty.

The word 'gender' can cause peace or chaos,

bring people together or rip them apart.

The last thing we want is war and a divided society.

If we can look past our differences life would be a beautiful thing.

My sexual preference should not define how I should act.

I eat, drink, work, sleep, the same way as any other.

My sexual preference should not divide me from certain people.

I breathe, speak, walk, laugh, the same way as any other.

I promise you,

just look a little longer.

You might see us as normal people.

Normal people who are a bit different.

But wouldn't it be a boring world?

If everyone was the same.

The same black and white world,

the world without colour and excitement?

Diversity is a very beautiful thing.

It's ironic how diversity means 'differences' ,

yet society is just as diverse

The diversity forms our cultures and beings.

Diversity brings people together and creates new wonders.

Sexual identity is something that should be included in society,

something that is an everyday norm.

Maybe somewhere over the rainbow there's a world like that.