Victim of The Flame

Image: Ian Espinosa

Image: Ian Espinosa

An ode to the angel once born

Protector and guardian of a life now mourned

Sworn to a life of illumination

Airborne, the created doomed in its own cremation

Yet its eyes do not dissuade from its disguise

Hidden in humanity, a created entity fueled on envy

Humility locked away and key fossilized

Carnal desire hungry to birth this fire

Blaze of destruction

Tainted soul left to combustion,

Corruption of a heart once loved now ashen

Forgiveness, a concept left to the obedient

Humility created out of futility

Concept constructed to confine

Expelled is the deviant

Angel now the embodiment of embarrassment
Carved into its body
Hidden between the crevices of its heart
Blackened by its consuming jealousy

A moment of silence for the angel once loved

Now a disgrace in the eyes of its beloved

Bled of its life

Vitality left empty, tenacity manifested

Burning obstinacy

Birthed and anew created

Bones deconstructed and rearranged

Body and soul both changed

Cultivated in the heart of the flame

To reteach a devil humility is like signing your own death wish

Subjecting yourself to the returning flame over and over and over again

Each time, body forgetting the merciless eagerness of greed

Fallen into the flame

The hungry hands grasp for something to claim

A life, a lover, a vessel

For there is no light without darkness, and its body now consumed

Cremated a begging believer bestowed the fate of its consequences, victim to the flame

Now lies in its burning grave