Our Forever Mother

Image/Planet Natural

Image/Planet Natural

One by one, 

the grains of sand filled my shoe.

The warm sun kissed my rosy cheeks. 

The summer breeze carried my worries away. 

Thank you Mother.

Orange and yellow leaves hugged the maple trees.

The familiar sound of Thanksgiving dinners and Halloween treats

Pumpkin spice put a smile on many faces.

Thank you Mother.

The tiny snowflakes fell on children's tongues.

New friends were made out of carrot noses and top hats.

Jingles from every corner filled my ears.

Thank you Mother.

Flowers bloomed in the newborn fields.

Spring showers passed by and touched the Earth.

The warmth returned for the children to play.

Thank you Mother. 

Oh how I wish you could forgive us Mother. 

You taught us not to be so greedy and selfish.

They turned away.

Only a few of us still love you Mother. 

We told them to love you too. 

Money and power blinded them.

Now you're hurt.

Please bring back our beautiful environment.