Things Fall Apart

Image/Enlightened Conflict

Image/Enlightened Conflict

Editor’s Note: The following poem was written by past Defiant staff writer Fatimata Cham.

Watch how their tongue struggles

Watch how they struggle to pronounce your name

Watch how they quiver

Because they are an island that they cannot conquer

Do not shorten your name

Do not hold back your tongue

For you are only sinking into darkness

Watch how they shackle you

Watch how they try to tame you



Let your anger loose

Hey you over there

Yeah you

What do you see?

How do you feel?

When you look at me

Is it my melanin

Or my bright brown eyes

Is it my scarf

Or my curly hair

Is it my hips

Is it my chest or thick arms

What do you see

Do you see beautiful

Am I beautiful to you

I have conformed myself to you

Sinking into darkness

Hey you

What do you see

A girl

Falling apart



Hey you