Vibrant Hues

Image/Dolls of India

Image/Dolls of India

The room is filled with faint buzzing of chatter

and booming beats of both the most notorious and evergreen melodies.

It is filled with frolic with each individual in their own coterie

yet all as one they dance to the same music in their own passionate ways.

The room is cascaded with boldness in radiance from the halls to tables to attire.

It is filled with its own individual expression

and encompasses the expression of those in the moment.

The room is filled with delightful indulgences,

traditions from amongst the ages, and a vibrant hue.

It is filled with the culture.

The vibrant hues are a combination of the phulkaris that lay amongst the shoulder,

 of the suits, chooriyan, and tikkas that make an outfit,

the jagos combined with the neverending dances,

and the boliyan that are sung in a melodious tone.

They are a combination of what a vibrant hue is.

The vibrant hues is something made of love, joy, and celebration.