Glove On A Wine Bottle



Editor’s Note: This featured poetry is written by 19-year-old Hadiyyah Kuma of Ontario, Canada.

I close my eyes while you look to me / I play in the heat behind my eyelids / Your red sweater / Seared to the back of my eyes / It’s unusual for you to wear red / Boldness to you was like fitting a glove on a wine bottle / So you could high-five yourself / Possible but very unseemly / You waited for me to say something / To save you with the perfect combination of words / But all I can think about is the hair on my legs / Thicker than yours / I think of showing it all to you / Your eyes would widen / Your cheeks would flush / Violet / I can smell you thinking of me / How is it that I always seem to know what to say to everyone but me / I give you the same advice I always have / 

don’t die / keep going / those are the words I can always say to you / rest / always to you / meditate / never myself / some tea maybe / ginger/ I keep my eyes closed so long / chamomile / I think it already happened / and you just never came to the funeral / the heat behind my eyelids grows / cold / gold and red

You thank me / But / I know / If I showed it all to you / You would laugh / Fitting a glove on a wine bottle