I Love You.



Sometimes I wonder if i'll ever stop grieving. 
Will this blanket of sorrow ever lift?
It feels like it’s getting worse. 
The clock keeps ticking forward when I wish and pray for it to tick backwards.

Those red shoes you loved,
and that darn blanket you'd carry everywhere. 
Everything reminds me of you.
The sunlight that used to shine upon your beautiful face.
All your toys and clothes. 
Everything’s seems to have lost purpose.

Motherhood was something that felt natural. 
It was a hidden instinct that I never knew.
Ever since you left,
I’ve tried to fill the emptiness that eats me up inside.

I can no longer see colour without you by my side.
And the songs that the birds sung are no longer.
The world has fallen ill and I wonder if it’s only me.
Only me that’s quietly suffering.

Is it fair?
To keep going when you’re not here?
The world is damned to keep going. 
Moving and living while you’re gone.

I swear I won’t forget you. 
I love you.