Endless Possibility

Image/Adi Putra

Image/Adi Putra

The terrifying feeling that consumes

Escapism is simply another blindfold you place over your eyes 

to see what you cannot, 

hear what you cannot, 

and live where you cannot.

It is not a state of mind, but a way of life. 

To be so utterly consumed in fantasy to the point where reality no longer finds shelter in your brain, 

Now hollow yet filled with images you cannot express, a starved artist

Escapism, the silent killer of the mind, 

a disease that plagues where it cannot be saved. 

Holy in the most unholy way, 

hell and heaven twisted into an untwisted heart.

Where do you wish to be?

Who do you wish to be? 

Is there a purpose to this wishing of wistful dreams carved from whimsical hallucinations?

Wishing until your mouth becomes parched from all the words that dry your tongue,

taking each droplet of water from you and leaving an aching body. 

Is this the escapism you crave, 

on the empty stomach that roars for what wishes cannot be fulfilled? 

But you are still young, so dream on for the dreams

that provide a key to the locked doors for your wistful escape. 

Hidden behind closed doors, hides a closed heart with a closed mind

Encased with a hidden soul carved with desires, confined to its fantasies

Fantasy that anxiously waits outside your door for another opening to take you away from reality

Fallacy wraps its hands around you, hoping to save each moment like a slipping dream

A lethality hidden behind a mask of positivity  

Escapism is a galaxy behind the veil of a black hole 

Meant to consume a life so precious and spit out destroyed particles of invisibility

A vacuum of space meant to ravage yet portrayed as a beauty

The mystery of the unknown which remains unknown to the naked eye, escapism

Escapism, the alchemy of the damned concealed by the burning gates

A burning hate which devoured the soul 

Where is the person that now resides in reality?