A Rose In Winter



Editor’s Note: This poem was written by past Defiant writer, Princess Asiedu.

You are a rose.

Buried deep within the layers of snow.

The sun nowhere within your sight.

The frigid ice attempts to disfigure your lustrous petals.

Freeze your grounded roots.

Isolate you from the warmth of spring’s precious kiss.

Then it whispers it’s bitter mantra.

“You are alone”.

It’s difficult to bear considering that it’s right.

The beautiful light that you had once been graced with

has disavowed you to the icy shadows.

But for now be still.

Because soon enough a newborn spring will cast over.

It’s loving warmth will silence the snow

and raise your roots and petals from its glacial prison.

And you will soon see that this new light

will be with you always.