What School Should Really be About?

Image/Oxbridge Academy

Image/Oxbridge Academy

I’ve always wondered,

why I was never really successful, you know,

I always wondered,

why I had to wake up every morning at 8,

to get ready by 8:40,

to make it to school by 8:50,

so I could get to class by 9:00, only to write till 11:30,

so I could come back an hour later to copy what's on the board, nevermind if I’m bored…

But, I don’t see it, yes,

I see a lot of things,

like how my future is a paper, of all the grades,

they say, get all A’s and you’ll do great,

but why, is the question.

It is the question that I don’t really get.

Why sit in front of a screen,

for 4 hours a day, to copy slideshows, and when asked a question by the teacher,

read back the words of those who claim to be making better teaching strategies.

Truth be told,

it really is a privilege to be a teacher,

to have the freedom and power to impose your angle of view,

your approach your method of work to 30 students,

who are now confined within your box.

You tell students to think outside the box when really you want them to think what you’re thinking.

And no one can tell you you're incorrect, in fact, you aren’t,

because no one's opinion is wrong,

but not everyone can agree to it; furthermore, follow with it.

You don’t have to worry if a student gets a concept,

you only have to teach it and then move on,

and (pause) just like this our chance is gone.

And yet we don’t even realize that we’ve been partially hypnotized

if not by our teachers or parents then by this system,

to follow a confined set of guidelines to where the path is straight,

and all we have to do is just follow away,

because somehow they can fit us under one size fits all,

just like beauty standards try to fit all people into the perfect definition of beauty.

So with all this proof, I attest,

I only ask you to teach us mastery not just how to study for a test,

to accommodate for different learning strategies, not teach just one,

to think from our shoes not just what you think holds true,

because in the end... it’s our learning that gets affected.

With that said don’t get me wrong, but not everyone is of error,

in fact, most of those who sit behind desks giving instructions

hold their hands tied to the curriculum,

made by policymakers, who play the life of millions of children like a business game,

because their infatuation of standardized tests, make them feel sane, yet many have gone insane!

Because we feel we're only successful if we memorize the key terms to our next science test, and know that y=mx+b...

Is all the result, ...of focusing more on passing tests than actually getting the concept, because you can sit there for an hour every day for 3 days cramming information into your brain, but that won’t prepare you for your future, only the present.

From the day, we enter high school, things change.

Life hits us like a roller coaster, we come to know we weren’t prepared,

yes, scared, we were

when we dared to take on a new chapter of life

knowing that we’d have to conquer it alone,

yet on our own, we struggle to keep up with everything that makes no sense,

(pause) because we hadn’t learned how to cope with all this stress  

Therefore, I must conclude by presenting my last piece of evidence.

I know most of you’ll agree that you remember very little of whatever you learned last semester,

and it’s because we forget information.

In fact, that’s a fact,

but what we do remember are the experiences, the day and space,

the activities and people.

So even if you forget everything I just said here,

I want you just try to remember,

that we may not be able to change our education  

but we can redefine success,

because success does not define you... You define success!