A Personal Anecdote

Featured Image/Vicky Leta

Featured Image/Vicky Leta

She wasn’t thinking about balloons, presents, or cake

sitting there by the sink, she thought she might break.

Tears started to fall as she thought about murder

she muffled her cry, hoping no one had heard her.


At the start of the week, she’d gone to the store

test in her pocket, scared to the core.

She’d fled to the register, then quickly checked out

a heart full of pain, a head full of doubt.


The week came and went and she slept not one night

every day thinking she’d see blood, not once was she right.

So she looks in the mirror contemplating just what to do

wondering how to be a mom that a child could look up to.


Still working through her past and processing the violence

locked in her room she suffers in silence.

She tries to bury her thoughts, put her head down, and work

but when the night comes, the memories still lurk.


It’s the way his hands touched her that makes her still shiver

part of her fears physical intimacy.. it could be a trigger.

So she sits in her room wondering what she did wrong

she’s hating herself for not being strong.


Stuck analyzing the past and how she was treated

she never reached out for the help that she needed.


No matter what form assault is assault

to those with regrets, it isn’t your fault.

Society doesn’t understand the destructive power of rape

how merciless it’ll be to every life it will shape.


Now she takes a deep breath tucks her knees to her chest

slowly opens her eyes and looks at the test.

And there on the screen a single blue line

it is then that she knows that she will be fine.


It’s been just two years, it's only 2019

now she’s writing her story, who could have foreseen

Here’s to the people who fight the good fight

Watch out for the activists who’ll set the world alight.