Image/Sophie Dalton

Image/Sophie Dalton

Editor’s Note: The following featured poetry is written by 15-year-old Sophie Dalton from New York, USA.

I know I want to write
When I get that bubble in my stomach 
Negging to be popped
To be freed from the cave inside my brain 
That jumbled phrases and words and thoughts 
Into a consecutive sentences making it sound like perfection 
the r and ps are cutting against my tongue

I used to write to forget the ways in which 
pain has seeped through my skin 
like wrinkles 
but see putting cream on them doesn’t help 
unless u take them out remove from the body 
then can ur wrinkles go away 
and so I write as fast as I can sometimes 

But sometimes I don’t feel good sometimes 
I’m not virgina wolf or Silvia Plath 
And I don’t make time stop with the weight of my words
Oh how time likes to stop sometimes
but at least I write 
To know what it feels like 
to feel