Extinguished Fire

Image: Anna Popovic

Image: Anna Popovic

Fire, a purifier held from desire by being given an unholy vessel

An ode to the sun once born

Sworn to a life of illumination

The creator doomed to its own cremation 

The sun overlooks,

Tears in the golden rays from its holy body as it sees

The animosity in your society

To succumb to the cruelty hidden in your vanity

To partake in the insanity hidden in this reality

To create art out of agony,

Supporter of life on a planet doomed in its own greed

Emitting energy as it continues to bleed

They say there is nothing faster than the speed of light

Yet the pride built up in your insides says otherwise

Descendants of a people unloved

Holding onto a thread of hope to grant peace in a world unknown

Bestowed an unruly fate, dreading the dawn

Does the darkness provide comfort, instead a bled shadow that allows your mask be gone?