Unwanted Guests

I am your white lies

that exist to excuse the validity of black lives

I am the center of the spectrum

where brown is the middle

A home, a bed, and a cup of cold soup

for Centrists

Where we want to be white

when we don’t want to be hurt

And where we want to be black

when we want to hurt our “own”

Chicken noodle soup and daal chawul

don’t taste the same but

both fill up the stomachs and hearts

of those who love them equally

So why should the brown man

claim the suffering that

he never experienced,

let the words he was never called

roll off his tongue,

criticize the oppressors

when he stands in their place now

The middle ground, the middle man

Skin too dark and

features not European enough

but not an excuse

to take up space in a home

you were never invited to

Hold your keys in one hand

and open your own doors with the other.



Noor IqbalComment