Just the Beginning



This was just the beginning!

We are not quite done yet.

We flooded, strode down the streets 

We invited the zenith winds to lick at our signs,

Thrusted with a proclamation of power into the brisk September air.

We took on the challenge of missed lessons

To be a part of the like-minded millions across the scorched earth 

I felt the pride of our display

And yet, the government’s gaze

Transfers to their fruitless harassment 

Of a sixteen-year-old changemaker?

You, politician, are blind!

We are chanting, with raw throats!

Marching, feet falling heavy on the pavement!

For our own future, 

For the guarantee that your grandchildren 

Won’t live between ascending oceans and hellfire.

It is one that your careless materialism 

Has sullied and endangered.

This is not our responsibility.


We demand with peace

You, in a position of power,

Dare to idly watch us beg for the right to grow up?

You, listen here, I must tell you a truth

(As prophet Greta has said recently, 

And as the indigenous have said for centuries)

You will not ever be forgiven for your lack of action 

Not by Earth,

And not by us.

Emily KositskyComment