The Calm Before The Storm



I am a sinking disaster.

Time aches to pass by with each ray that falls down, dying for a moment of darkness to shine

Burning itself into my skin to leave a mark that would last a lifetime

Scarred and aching, salt tears through each layer of skin

Leaving priceless memories that no shard of glass could do.

Hands wrinkled and numb, the ocean grips onto whatever is left of my body

Each wave that crashes, another ripple effect, 

nature’s unloved child and renown attention seeker, 

I am left dried and rotten. But not for long.

The roar of each wave a cry for help that never left these empty waters,

salt fills what is left of my lungs,

Like claiming its victim, the water patiently waits for its subdued effects.

Shortness of breath, it taunts with the plentiful oxygen above

Laughing with each bubble that leaves the water, watching slowly as your voice dies out

It never was Ursula who stole Ariel's voice, was it?

Running through water never works, but I only tried harder. 

The tides pull like ropes, trapping you into the water,

a prison hidden in nature’s wonders,

a discarded body becomes another body of water’s treasure.     

Skeletons scatter the bottom like lost jewelry in a young girl’s room, 

memories shaped in the form of dollar-store jewels. 

The ocean ruthlessly takes each victim piece by piece,

yet so many return to its home each year.

Eager to meet its new waters,

Yet so ignorant to its secrets hidden deep but so close to the surface.

Like a fisherman counting down the days for the new season,

The ocean awaits.

Sana FathimaComment