Protect The Oceans

dead fish.jpg

Believe it or not, 87% of the world oceans are dying. The oceans are absorbing much of the excess carbon dioxide being produced. This causes oceans to become more acidic, thus making it harder for fish and plants to live. Due to this we are now seeing an increase in marine life death and extinction. Because of global warming fishes are beginning to migrate which is also now disturbing their reproduction patterns. With that said, we humans are adding to the damage already done by over-fishing and mass killing fishes and other bigger marine animals such as sharks and dolphins. With reality as it is we need to take this picture as our wake up call. We live in a place called earth where the world does not heal itself, so we need to realize that we can no longer play the silent treatment. As humans we are ALL obligated to take care of this gift we are given, earth, so even if we do something little, remember it's one step closer to a better earth.

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