Our Reflection

Just like the lake reflects the sky, we should reflects on ourselves and our life. We as humans constantly reflect who we are through our actions, thoughts and footprints. We leave an imprint, sort of like an imaginary trail while we are on this earth. We make an impact on many lives around us, so, but before we do, before we act, before we make our move, we should stop and reflect on what we are doing and why we are doing it. Because how many times do we look back on ourselves with feelings of regret and disappointment, only giving ourselves another chance to hate who we are. When really, just like the lake mirrors a broken version of the sky, we should go, reflect on our life, not worrying about being perfect, because the lake never does. So while your at it, just think of how you can make yourself better, think of all the things you wish to do, not wish you would have done. Give yourself that time because you deserve to be the best person you possibly can, you deserve for the world to see you at your full potential. So with that don't hold regrets, only hold the future.

Abeer FatimaComment