“Youth hold more power than adults and even we, on an individual level, often realize. We are an underused resource for hope and innovation.”



“I believe that the youth are leaders of not only tomorrow but leaders of today. I feel fortunate to be living in this space and time, and to share all this power with the youth round the world.”



“Youth literally have all the power. We determine how tomorrow will look. I constantly tell those around me that our votes, our money, our protest are what will make change for the future. We have the power to turn this world on its head if we just apply ourselves. We have so much outrage and I see it all over social media. People message me and tell me about their situations and their frustration, but imagine the change we could make if we took all these feelings and put it into action. We’d be unstoppable.”



“Youth hold all the power in the world. We are always at the forefront of every movement imaginable. The incredible thing about young people is that we experience social issues in a completely unique way compared to our elders and older activists; we use these unique experiences to influence our strategies and make our organizing as a whole evolve. We are crucial to the success of movements.”



“In our eyes, youth are the fuel to the fire started by generations of revolutionaries. We believe that the youth truly has the power to change the future, regardless of where they are from or how qualified society may deem they are. To the youth we would say, go for it. You never know where your passion can lead you!”





“Young people hold so much power. Young people have held lots of power always, with young activists being the leaders and forefront of activist movements everywhere. Today, especially, as more and more young people mobilize and get involved with activist work. With advancing technology that allows people to further connect, the platform that young people have to spread their message and story keeps growing. Young people are smart, innovative, and passionate. Young people have the power to start and lead movements, as they have been doing already.”

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“I can’t even express how much power I think young people hold. I think this has been the biggest learning experience for me because when I’m 30, I will always remember to look to young people. They’re experiencing the world in different ways, and they are our future - it’s something that I will carry for the rest of my life and it’s something that I hope that I’ll always remember. While older people are wise, younger people know how to take that wisdom and put it into effect in a way that is meaningful and impactful for our generation. No matter what age you are, you can make a change by using your voice, and I feel like our generation knows how to use their voice. ”



“Youth hold all the power in the world. We are the ones that have the ability to change the world. Our age, our existence, and our drive is whats going to push the world in the right direction.”