YOUth In Power - Trinity Simone

Image:    Trinity Simone

Image: Trinity Simone

Our generation is equipped with platforms that can quickly and concisely spread information regarding our activism, opinions, and outlooks on current issues. With social media readily available to us, we are able to freely amplify our voices and expound on what free speech represents. Many of the notable youth-led movements and organizations we’ve seen over the past few years have started on some form of social media. At the forefront of the modern day revolution, we find ourselves holding the advantage of no longer being overlooked or undervalued because we are finally coming into our own. We find ourselves becoming aware of our power, and receiving recognition for the amount of change we are able to foster at such a young age. We are taking action. We are making noise with no fear of being too loud. We will continue to resist and fight for the freedom, equality, and justice that is long overdue.
— Trinity SImone

Everyday, I am inspired by the many young people in our generation that seek to challenge systems, break social constructs, test boundaries, and break through barriers. No one exemplifies all of that as much as 16-year-old Trinity Simone - the founder of The Youth Will Be All Write, and CEO of Black Vibe Tribe.

I would like to think I was born with the spirit of the revolution within me. From a very young age, I was bred to understand the importance of speaking up for what I believe in and carrying on the monumental work of my ancestors. I was always so inspired by the movement; holding an immense interest in how the prominent revolutionaries and activists within our communities were able to ignite the people to act with their words alone. This naturally sparked my interest in activism and how words held this expansive amount of power. For me, my upbringing and these moments act as a huge role for the work I'm currently doing and will continue to do. As the CEO of Black Vibe Tribe and the Founder of The Youth Will Be All Write, I often latch on to projects that directly impact my community while simultaneously dismantling the systems in place that were created with intentions to destroy them. I only hope to make my people proud and carry on the work that needs to be done.

Image:    Trinity Simone

Image: Trinity Simone

Trinity founded the Black Vibe Tribe, an inspiring lifestyle brand dedicated create empowering clothing for individuals deriving from the African diaspora. She uses her experiences as a Black womxn to create meaningful products showcasing the beauty and power of Black culture - created by and for trailblazers and world changers. You can purchase Black Vibe Tribe products here:

Black Vibe Tribe is a lifestyle brand that aims to connect, love, uplift, and build with those deriving from the African diaspora. I believe the brand proves to be so unique due to my authentic and genuine perception of Black life that our community can deeply resonate with. My brand creates products that are for us; products that highlight and showcase the ubiquity and beauty of our Blackness. I create for the revolutionaries, the freedom fighters, the world changers, the activists, the aware, the awake, and the ones who are not only willing to “say it with their chest”, but stand on the front lines of the movement.

Black Vibe Tribe finds itself on all platforms of social media under the tag @blackvibetribe and items can be purchased via the website:

Simone created The Youth Will Be All Write to highlight the issues that incarcerated youth face, while amplifying young voices in the process. Through the organization, more than 500 notebooks have been donated to people in juvenile detention centers - with a goal of using the power of pen and paper to evoke change.

Launched in March of 2018, "The Youth Will Be All Write" is a social justice initiative that I created with the intention to bring awareness to the incarcerated and institutionalized youth in juvenile detention centers across the nation. I strive to extend an outlet through writing in which I heavily utilize, to help the youth amplify their voices. I do this through the donation of composition notebooks. Upon reaching out to different facilities, I donate the corresponding amount of notebooks equivalent to the number of youth within the centers. As of August 2019, I'm proud to say that through my own contributions, as well as donations from others, together we have donated more than 500 notebooks and are steadily watching that number increase. The Youth Will Be All Write is one of many contributions that I offer society. When I donate these notebooks, I often hope I spark passion in the youth; build the next generation of artists, creators, writers, and revolutionaries who found themselves through the power of pen and paper.

The Youth Will Be All Write addresses the many institutionalized problems that incarcerated youth face in a system that is fundamentally flawed - the organization believes that every young person has a voice that is worthy and deserving of being heard, as is evident through the advocacy work they do.

Image:  Trinity Simone

Image: Trinity Simone

Being vulnerable, isolated, and alone, I sympathized for the youth and dedicated myself to strive to help them find their voices in a system that intended for them to be silenced. Writing not only allows us to confide and voice our stories without external judgement or societal pressures weighing on us, but has also been linked to stress management, an enhancement in emotional intelligence, developed communication skills, and an improved mental state. Like any other demographic of people, there are certain stereotypes and predetermined biases that surround incarcerated youth. These outlooks can unfortunately be carried by the faculty and staff, causing these kids to feel as if they have no one who truly sees them apart from the crime or the charge. I remember the words of Bryan Stevenson when he stated, "Each of us is more than the worst thing we've ever done." I believe these kids deserve to know that their stories are worth telling and with each donation of composition notebooks, I hope that they can unleash the stories most would deem unfathomable.

The mission behind our magazine is to “dare to defy” boundaries, barriers, and expectations. Trinity has exemplified “defiance” by refusing to assimilate, and being unapolodgetically unafraid to empower and embrace her identity.

I refuse to assimilate.

There are too many individuals within my community who are struggling or being directly impacted by the oppressive systems in place. From mass incarceration to discrimination in healthcare - there is always a fight worth being fought. I refuse to sit back and allow these acts to be normalized. I will not rest until the narrative has changed and justice becomes the new standard, and that in itself can be seen as an act of defiance.