YOUth In Power - Yamira Patterson

Image:    Yamira Patterson

Image: Yamira Patterson

Youth honestly hold all of the power in my opinion! We are the ones who voted next and are the future leaders of this country. We are already leading this country towards a brighter, more inclusive future! We are the ones on the front lines fighting for the future we deserve.
— Yamira Patterson

Yamira Patterson is a passionate 15-year-old anti-trafficking advocate and activist creating her organization, Girls Fight Trafficking, to mobilize young women to join the fight against human trafficking through education, empowerment, and political advocacy.

My name is Yamira Patterson and I am a anti-trafficking advocate and womxns rights activist. I am a sophomore in high school and I am 15 years old. At school, I am involved in many social justice clubs and political clubs. I am also a member of the Debate and Ethics Bowl team. I am the founder of Girls Fight Trafficking which is a youth led anti-trafficking non-profit organization that will work to mobilize young woman to fight against the human trafficking industry. The mission of Girls Fight Trafficking is to mobilize young womxn to fight against the human trafficking industry through education, empowerment, and political advocacy. I was inspired to create Girls Fight Trafficking after I conducted a research project for my Inquiry Skills class my freshman year and realized how atrocious and inhumane the human trafficking industry is and I was inspired to do something to end it's existence.

Image:    Girls Fight Trafficking

Image: Girls Fight Trafficking

The issue of human trafficking is one that affects millions of people each year, Girls Fight Trafficking is actively engaging young female voices to create change within their communities and beyond.

Human trafficking is the trading of human beings for the purpose of forced labor or sexual slavery. Human trafficking is a vicious industry that impacts millions worldwide and preys on innocent womxn and children. Girls Fight Trafficking will work to educate communities on this issue through workshops and presentations and empower survivors and activists to combat this industry. Also, we will advocate for more progressive anti trafficking legislation to be passed in order to protect survivors and incriminate traffickers.

We will mobilize young womxn by empowering them with the skills necessary to combat the human trafficking industry.

You can get involved with Yamira’s work donating to the cause, and joining her team once Girls Fight Trafficking officially launches!

Image:    Yamira Patterson

Image: Yamira Patterson

People can get involved with advocating against human trafficking by donating to different anti-trafficking organizations and sharing information about the industry. Once our organization is launched, people can get involved by joining the team and volunteering their time!

Yamira believes her defiance comes in the form of her fight for justice and the pursuit of a better future, as is evident in her work with with Girls Fight Trafficking.

I honestly believe that I have defiant in my life by fighting for the issues that I believe in and helping others in our pursuit of a greater tomorrow. In the past, I have been told to "stay in my place" and "let the adults handle it", but it has been proven that's an ineffective strategy! I dare to defy by occupying spaces that weren't intended for me and joining movements that are fighting for a better future. By starting Girls Fight Trafficking, I am daring to defy because I know that there are people who need us and that our voice deserves to be heard.