YOUth In Power - #PassTheMicYouth

Image:    #PassTheMicYouth

Image: #PassTheMicYouth

Young people hold so much power. Young people have held lots of power always, with young activists being the leaders and forefront of activist movements everywhere. Today, especially, as more and more young people mobilize and get involved with activist work. With advancing technology that allows people to further connect, the platform that young people have to spread their message and story keeps growing. Young people are smart, innovative, and passionate. Young people have the power to start and lead movements, as they have been doing already.
— #PassTheMicYouth
Image:    Nyawira Nyota, Luke Shealy, and Sam Chan

Image: Nyawira Nyota, Luke Shealy, and Sam Chan

Learn about #PassTheMicYouth, and the amazing work they are doing to amplify and empower youth voices through their podcast/blog.

#PassTheMicYouth is a podcast and blog that seeks to amplify the voices of young people by sharing their lived experiences and stories of activism. Its goal is the highlight youth-centered issues, show the necessity of youth leadership, and provide educators and youth-serving professionals with useful tools and resources for fostering youth leadership and youth/adult partnerships. 

This project was inspired by one of our advisers, Maru Gonzalez, after she was a mentor at a youth leadership institute. After having many conversations and discussions with students, they discussed how when it comes to social justice, it’s time for adults to pass the mic to the young people doing this work. She was looking for students who wanted to be co-hosts and co-producers of the #PassTheMicYouth platform, and the three of us (Nyawira Nyota, Luke Shealy, and Sam Chan) were excited to have this platform to let young people share their stories and experiences with activism.

You can get involved with their amazing work through submitting work to their blog, or keeping up with them on social media.

Image:    #PassTheMicYouth

Image: #PassTheMicYouth

We are always looking for people to submit pieces of their work to our blog. On our website (, under the Submissions Tab, there’s a form for you to submit your work. It can be any type of work - about your identity, lived experiences, activist work, or leadership. Whether it’s artwork, written work (poetry, story, essay, spoken word), or videos, we’d love to share it on our blog. If you’ve been involved with activist work, and might be interested in being a guest on our podcast, send us an email at To stay connected with us, follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @PassTheMicYouth, and on Facebook at @PassTheMicYouthPodcast. We want to pass the mic to you, and hear your stories and voices!

#PassTheMicYouth constantly amplifies youth voices by providing them with a unique platform to voice their concerns and experiences.

#PassTheMicYouth is all about amplifying youth voices by providing a platform for young people to share their story. There is something powerful about sharing your story, and we want to empower young people to share their story - whether that’s through the podcast, sharing their written work, or artwork. Often, in activist spaces, youth voices are left out or forgotten about. However, young people are crucial to movements and their voices deserve to be hard as well. #PassTheMicYouth provides the platform for young people to talk about their experiences as activists and what it’s like navigating these spaces as a young person. 

The organization has been “defiant” in unapologetically amplifying youth voices and experiences!

In spaces of activism, young people are often not discussed or given credit for their activist work. #PassTheMicYouth is defiant by sharing young people’s stories and perspectives. Young people’s stories need to be shared, and that’s what we’re doing at #PassTheMicYouth, as we discuss what it’s like being a young person involved in activism work, youth-centered issues, and provide the tools to foster youth-adult partnerships.