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In our eyes, youth are the fuel to the fire started by generations of revolutionaries. We believe that the youth truly has the power to change the future, regardless of where they are from or how qualified society may deem they are. To the youth we would say, go for it. You never know where your passion can lead you!
— The NAINA Foundation
Image:    The Naina Foundation

Image: The Naina Foundation

The NAINA Founation is a nonprofit organization with a mission of educating and providing medical aid/information to underprivileged communities around the world. Learn more about their incredible work and how you can get involved.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing medical aid for the underprivileged, with an emphasis on diabetes. Our organization was founded in September of last year. So far, we have held medical mission clinics in Mumbai, India where we distributed glasses, took blood pressure, and checked glucose levels. We also held seminars regarding diabetes prevention, and had an overall turnout of nearly 2000 people. This past January, we also held a Guinness world record event to raise awareness for medical aid in underprivileged countries.

You can get involved with The NAINA Foundation’s incredible work by becoming a chapter leader within your school and community!

Others can get involved by becoming a 2019-2020 Chapter Leader in their community. Our Chapter Leaders are responsible for creating a club in their school or community, fundraising, and also hosting local events in their town, from informational seminars to free health clinics. If you are a high school or college student interested, please feel free to email us at or direct message us on instagram at thenainafoundation.

The NAINA Foundation actively addresses the specific needs that people in poverty face in regards to medical aid:

One of the main issues people in poverty face is negligence in terms or prioritizing their health. Since most people do not have health care insurance, especially in other countries, they do not see their primary care physician on a yearly basis, and therefore, may go years with an undiagnosed issue. We are tackling this issue by providing free health clinics in underprivileged areas, such as India. At these clinics, we provide a basic diagnosis of one's vision, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. From these results, we recommend the patient to a local doctor if they need further evaluation. In this way, patients are able to receive a free diagnosis and are more likely to seek appropriate healthcare in the future.

In their incredible work, the organization engages young people to become forces of change and progress through their chapter leaders initiative. They also educate others about the medical necessities that are often unavailable to people in poverty through their Instagram account.

Image:    The Naina Foundation

Image: The Naina Foundation

One of the main ways we engage youth in our work is through our Chapter Leaders program, as described earlier, and also through our instagram account. Our Chapter Leaders program, does not solely consist of the Chapter Leader. It also consists of all of the other members in each Chapter Leader's club. Additionally, through our instagram account, we post weekly information regarding healthcare and diabetes in underprivileged areas.

Throughout their work, the foundation has faced many setbacks and challenges in their quest for progress. And yet despite being doubted due to their age, they defied limiting boundaries that were placed on them, and are continuing to create much needed change. They are YOUth In Power.

Through our journey, we have been defiant in terms of the expectations and boundaries set on us. Having been started by a high schoolers, many people did not expect there to be much traction gained by The NAINA Foundation. However, our clinics have attracted over 2,000 patients in total, and we currently have 23 chapters in place, including locations such as Kenya and Germany. In terms of boundaries, The NAINA Foundation defies many of the boundaries humans have created. At our clinics, we treat all patients, rich or poor, citizen or undocumented, religious or not. In this way, we defy many of the boundaries used to classify humans.

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