The Massacre That Mount Ida Has Been Facing

Image:  Idil Bike Miftakhov

Image: Idil Bike Miftakhov

Aren’t gold and silver, which were buried under soil worthless, compared to water, trees and air without which we can’t live or sense any beauty of nature? Nevertheless isn’t it brutal to extinguish (even torment) a mountain which is a home for thousands of creatures, a water resource and second mountain which provides the most oxygen slowly, cruelly?

Alamos Gold, the enterprise which annihilates Mount Ida is a mining company that has projects in USA, Canada, Mexico and Turkey. “Low cost production” is one of the most focused company policies and the mining they do is open and so vile that it is just 26 km from the city center. The company plans to start action in 2020, to produce 514 thousand ounce gold and 3.5 million ounce silver in five years. The CEO of Alamos Gold says that the reactions and protests which are attended by more than 10.000 people are only because of “misunderstanding” and that a sapling will be planted for every tree that has been cut; but I want to know, is Mount Ida which we cherish and take care of going to stay barren?

The cyanide that they are using will mix with soil and with the only water source that the town is using. The fruits and vegetables that they have been planting are going to be poisoned; slowly, we will continue to make our mountain no longer liveable.

Thereupon the protests that started since July 26 are continuing with more ambition and the march under the name “Water and Conscience” revived with the concert organized by Fazıl Say and which took place nearby the mountain. Unfortunately there isn’t a response to the letter that Zülfü Livaneli  has sent to UNESCO and the foundation TEMA(The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) informed that 195 thousand trees has been cut down.

Here is the thing that is unbelievable:

Why the holocaust-for there could be no doubt that killing this amount of trees is a holocaust, is happening in Turkey by a Canadian company? Why do this company harm many other countries while they hold in esteem every tree, every forest and every mountain in their own country?

Although all the thoughts were same in the beginning of the project and every villager who lives nearby had the passion about protecting the mountain, opinions about mining split and the main reason is the unemployed section which started gaining money by mining. Some say that they are depressed and there is nothing more to do, they continue working for the company.

They might think they own whatever land they land on but The Earth isn’t just a dead thing that anyone can claim.