Productivity Isn't The Only Thing That Matters

Image: Medical News Today

Image: Medical News Today

As an incoming senior in high school, I’ve been using this summer to get ready for college, just as thousands of other seniors around the country are. From researching scholarships to writing more than 25 essays (I’m applying to film majors, which require a lot of creative supplements), it’s a lot of work. And all the uncertainty involved makes it a thousand times more stressful. 

If you asked any of my friends to describe me in three words, “hard working” would probably be one of them. And while that is probably the thing I love most about myself, sometimes the blessing becomes a curse. 

Earlier this year, I decided I want to dedicate my life to becoming a television writer, which is an extremely competitive path. And ever since then - even during the summer - I’ve felt like if I’m not spending 95% of the day being productive, then I’m too lazy. Too lazy to be successful. Too lazy to “make it” in such a competitive industry. And that has made me feel constantly anxious, unable to enjoy my life at all. Of course, that anxiety has only increased during college application season. Drastically. 

But as I’ve been trying to remind myself, you don’t need to constantly be doing something. The point of life isn’t just to achieve your academic and career goals. It’s also to enjoy the process of achieving them, as cheesy as that sounds, which is something so many high school students seem to forget. We shouldn’t be viewing high school as something to “get through” so we can finally get to college; because with that attitude, once we get there, it probably won’t be long until we start viewing college as something to get through so we can reach our “real lives”. And so on. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

So don’t sacrifice your happiness just to reach the “other side”; get there, but make sure you don’t lose yourself in the process.

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