A Feminist Note

Image: ESPN

Image: ESPN

As the world revolves around us and city lights sparkle and crops began to grow. Denying it or not, we are naturally selfish - we walk around the footsteps of our own little world filled with ignorance. We sexualize women since before we can remember. In fact, we’ve prohibited a mother feeding her newborn when models lay in store walls wearing nothing but bras, underwear, and sometimes nothing. We sexualize women in every form whether it’s language, music, marketing, videos, and more - but not once do we question it, because it is as if we gave permission for it in the first place. 

But the time has come to fight this endless war which our ancestors fought with language, music, and huge poster boards marketing our basic rights. Feminism belongs to each one of our tongues because it pronounces the right to reach our full potential no matter if you’re a girl, a guy, Spanish, Black, Asian, White, part of the LGBT+ community, etc. The makeup industry contributes heavily to our economy, yet we judge the faces that play an impact role in our economy. By saying quotes like “you don’t need makeup” but what if she, he, they do desire to glam up - not because of lack of confidence, but for fun. Our society is harmed and that’s thanks to the old frowning executives contaminated with the ignorance of the past. The best part is they own many of the countless chairs in congress making decisions as their voice becomes louder then the voices they pretend to represent.  

Alabama law under the Human Life Protection Act strictly states that any doctor who preforms an abortion in the state will be guilty of felony and could be sentenced to life prison, more than the sentence prison of a rapist who caused it. Arkansas is passing a law that gives a rapist the power to sue victims who want to have an abortion. Todd Akin, a former U.S representative, said “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut the thing down”. The podcast “The Uncomplicated Truth About Women’s Sexuality” talks about medicine and the missed interpretations of how male doctors perceive a woman's body. Scientifically there is more information about the male human anatomy than female. That being said, current doctors are more qualified to teach male bodies  then the female bodies of trans individuals. This is because we are using old books and it’s reflecting in our health system.

We all know that sex and sexual health is a taboo subject. Doctors never came to women to ask about their periods or what they felt, they just acted upon rumors like what was stated by our former U.S representative. My grandmother was punished because she had her period which by the rumors meant that only prostitutes had it - where was our voice? Mr. Clayton Williams claimed that rape was like the weather - “inevitable” and that you should “relax and enjoy it”. Williams is a former american businessman and politician participating in the Republican Party Candidacy for Texas Governor.

Something everyone should understand is that feminism is for all! It allows for our community to recover from all of the past damage. It gives men a safe space to cry and let your emotions out because something that we need to understand is that we are all human and emotions exist. The high rate of suicides among men are caused by society and the false rules that men can’t express themselves or their macho egos will splash away. This is represented by the lack of male art students as well. But the reality is they have yet to uncover that real men are in the layers within and not by the counted days a man hasn't express their tears or overall emotions.

While our world continues to drag us down a dark path, some ask why so many young minds talk or write about larger topics; larger than us. “Teens shouldn’t be talking about politics or human rights”. But then who will? Some have fought for so long and it is our mission to continue. Because even though some gave up, I haven’t and many others stand continuing to fight. To raise our voice, to make our rights heard because if we don’t, no one will. I believe this is an endless war but with sentences, paragraphs, stanzas and voices we gather to grow stronger and make our feminist ancestors proud! Because even if we aren’t related, we share sisterhood and the time is now to protect each other.

Maria ArangoComment