The 15 Year Old Who’s Changing The Way The World Acts Towards Climate Change

Image/Anders Hellberg

Image/Anders Hellberg

Greta Thunberg is one of the most well-known youth activists. By starting the School Strike for Climate and inspiring many other kids around the world to take a stand on climate change inaction, she's become one of the worlds most influential kids.

Greta first started skipping school on Fridays to protest climate change inaction in August of 2018 - which means she's been striking for over 30 weeks. Greta painted “skolstrejk för klimatet” (school strike for climate) on a piece of cardboard and stood outside the Swedish Parliament Building in Stockholm Sweden. As every Friday was a school strike for her, she started the #FridaysForFuture to help spread the world through social media and to get other kids involved. Her message spread rapidly all over the world and suddenly 1 kid striking turned to 100, 100 turned to 1,000 and eventually 1,000 turned to 1,000,000. On March 15 over 1.4 million people of all ages around the globe protested against climate change inaction. “We have only just started!” Greta tweeted, expressing her gratitude and excitement for everyone who participated in the strike.

One part of her life which Thunberg has been very open about is having Asperger's Syndrome. When she was 15 she became depressed and then later was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and selective mutism. “This basically means, I only speak, when I think it is necessary” she explains in her TED Talk. While appearing on The Slavan Talkshow, she explains how being on the autism spectrum has affected her interest in climate change. While most people say nothing is black or white, Greta says that “the climate question is actually black and white,” and being on the spectrum helps her to see that and to see the world in a whole different perspective. According to The Guardian, “She sees her condition not as a disability but as a gift which has helped open her eyes to the climate crisis.”

A few weeks ago Greta Thunberg was nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize for her climate activism. She's now the youngest person ever to be nominated for this award. She has also recently been nominated for the French Freedom Prize. Many critics say she isn't worthy of these awards but there's no doubt that Greta has started a movement and is changing the world.